Word of Faith
Christian Church

6701 Oaklandon Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236

Volunteer Ministries

Our purpose is to carry out the Great Commission, as commanded by our Lord and Savior in Matthew 28:16-20.  
We encourage all members to participate in one or more ministry so that we can live up to our mission. 
  1. Heart 2 Heart
    Heart 2 Heart
    Women's Ministry - First Lady Carol Stephens
    Heart 2 Heart Women's Ministry is designed to support, strengthen, uplift and encourage the women of WOFCC. As women, we take on so many roles for so many people. Our ministry is designed to share and fellowship with other women with the desire to learn and grow-spiritually, mentally, professionally and personally. Together we are so much stronger than alone. Heart 2 Heart Women's Ministry meets every 1st Saturday of each month as well as participate in many different activities such as horseback riding, game nights, movie nights, pamper parties, women's conferences, shopping and so much more.
  2. Ushers & Greeters
    Ushers & Greeters
    Leaders - Lieutenant & Vivian Cooper
    The Ushers & Greeters Ministry is one that keeps and maintains order during service. The ushers strive to maintain order while fulfilling other duties such as assisting the Pastor, meet and greet, maintain order, receiving offerings, etc
  3. Sound Ministry
    Sound Ministry
    Leader - Lamont Sultzer
    The Sound Ministry serves as part of the Praise Team during our services. Our team operates and troubleshoot all of the audio equipment used in the execution of services and special events.
  4. G-Men
    Godly Men - Pastor Julius Stephens
    The men's ministry at WOFCC is designed to bring men of the church together to form a brotherhood of Godly men. We come together to discuss topics that are unique to Christian men. We also use this ministry to reach out to men who are not Christians. The Men's Ministry meets the last Saturday of each month.
  5. C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.s
    Leader - Min. Quill "Coach Q" Redwine
    CHAMPIONs - Christ Has All My Problems, I've Overcome Now. We believe and teach our children and youth that Jesus Christ will assist us in getting through any obstacle or difficulty that we may face. We offer various activities throughout the year designed to showcase our children and youth talents - CHAMPIONs Choir, CHAMPIONs Praise Dance, CHAMPIONs Step Team, and much more - with a goal of being fun and exciting.
  6. Prayer Ministry
    Prayer Ministry
    Leader - Lieutenant Cooper
    WOFCC Prayer Ministry is a ministry that keeps the ministry of WOFCC under prayer. We pray for the vision, mission, pastor and his family, departments of the ministry, etc. We also pray for all nations, leaders, kings, governments, authorities and also for the well being of our families, partners, supporters and the entire body of Christ.
  7. Praise Team
    Praise Team
    Leader - Norrice McGruder
    It is the goal of the Praise Team to uplift the name of God through song. Giving glory boldly to His Name focuses our hearts and minds on the goodness of God. The word tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people, so it is a time of telling God that we love Him, and we thank Him for who He is, as He encourages the hearts of His people. True praise and worship is not just singing, "it is an issue of the heart" (John 24:4) It sets you free and causes the enemy to flee. We are thankful for the opportunity to assist the body of Christ to put aside carnal things and enter into His presence.
  8. Outreach Ministry
    Outreach Ministry
    The purpose of outreach is to let people know they are never alone and can find peace even in the most difficult times. That there is always hope through faith, and that the church is more than a building in itself but rather it is a union of believers held together by trusting Jesus as Lord knowing there is victory in His name. The foundation of the church is love, the walls are supported by truth and the roof is held up by mercy and grace. You enter through the doors of forgiveness and exit with peace taking all that you gain and sharing with those who know Christ and by giving of yourself to those who have yet been introduced to him. Remember, there is abundance in the Kingdom and all of it is available to those who seek Him. Come to where there is knowledge and acceptance in who you are now and partnership to help you become the person you are in Christ.