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Glean inspiration from thoughts and scriptures meant to assist you in elevating your thoughts to a level pleasing to Christ!

Your "Relationship" (connection) with God has to be deeper
than "What You Like." 

The "Relationship" (connection) has
to be built on

Love, Faithfulness, Commitment, Loyalty, Forgiveness and Patience. 
Too many Christians try to establish
"Relationships" based on

instead of

Here are somethings that "Spiritual Maturity" has taught me.

I'm better off putting God in charge of the results, instead of me. 
If I truly was working on changing me, I would understand how hard it is for someone else to change. 
The way that God wants me to change the world is to first change me. 
Whenever I'm being critical of other  Christians, I'm really being critical of God's parenting skills. 

Matthew 7:5 FIRST cast out the "Telephone Pole Size" (problems) that are in your own life and you will see clearly (understand) how to cast the "Toothpick Size" (problems) in someone else's life.

John 13:34 - A new commandment I give to you, that you LOVE one another, the way that I have LOVED you, that's the way you should LOVE each other. ​​

Jesus was a LIFTER, LEANER and a CARRIER. 
Sometimes we need someone to LIFT US (Encourage Us). 
Sometimes we need someone to LEAN ON (Good Advice). 
Sometimes we need someone to CARRY US (Pray For Us). 
When you're willing to be a
in someone else's life
then you will have people to
LIFT, LEAN and CARRY you in your time of need. 

If God we're to ask you today,

"are you ENJOYING the world and the people that I have created for you?"

  Your answer would be____________. 

I Timothy 6:17 -  Command those who are rich in this world not to be arrogant, not to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God, who gives US RICHLY ALL THINGS TO ENJOY! 

You will never make friends ​​
and have a good relationship
with anyone that you are always
angry, bitter and resentful towards. 

These negative emotions will make you a slave to them,
they will take your energy,
 kill your enthusiasm, 
and take away your desire to forgive.

The key to making a good relationship last

is to forgive the negative,
pray for change,

tell the person what you want,
keep looking for the God in them
and put God in charge of the results.