Word of Faith
Christian Church

6701 Oaklandon Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236

2019 Amaze - N - Grace

By completing this form, you and your co-participant understand that you are reserving a spot to compete in the
2019 Amaze - N - Grace
competition presented by the
Marriage by the Book Ministry 
Word of Faith Christian Church. 
The event is set to take place on
Saturday, June 22, 2019, promptly at 930AM.  

Completing this form

notifies us that we can anticipate
the attendance of you and your co-participant -
which, in turn,
allows us to ensure
that we are maximizing the experience.

You and your co-participant
understand that the leaders
of this activity will take
all reasonable safety precautions and
that the possibility of
an unforeseen hazard does exist. 
You and your co-participant
further agree not to hold
Word of Faith Christian Church,
its leaders, employees, affiliates, and volunteer staff
liable for damages, losses, diseases, or injuries
incurred by or during the
2019 Amaze - N - Grace competition.

$30 is required to participate.  Funds are due upon checking in on June 22.  Monies cover lunch and administrative costs (signage, utensils, etc) related to the production of the Amaze - N - Grace.

Please note that we often take pictures 
during our activities for use in
newsletters, promotional materials,
bulletin boards and the church website.

Should you have any questions,
feel free to contact us at

Please fill in the following information.

The starting location will be
Word of Faith Christian Church
6701 Oaklandon Road.  

Game begins PROMPTLY at
on June 22, 2019.  
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